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Get Smooth, Sleek & Sexy Skin

Reveal your beautiful, smooth, and hair-free skin with waxing services in Charleston, SC. Take your skin to the next level, from facial and body waxing to eyebrow lifts and tints. Let Nail IT give you the best body, facial, or eyebrow wax you deserve that will boost your confidence with no hair left behind.
Half Legs waxing

Embrace Smooth And Beautiful Skin With The Best Waxing Service In Charleston, SC

The heaven-like waxing experience requires two things: the best wax and the best service provider. Fortunately, we cover both. At Nail IT, our professionals use products made with the highest-quality ingredients that give you smooth and fuzz-free skin. Our wax is carefully formulated to eradicate even the most petite and hard-to-get hair for unbelievably smooth results. Our waxing services near Charleston ensure to offer gentle hair removal while soothing, exfoliating, and softening your skin. In addition, our aftercare blend keeps your skin calm, soft, and hair free.

An Array Of Waxing Services Near Charleston For You

At Nail IT, we offer a full range of the best waxing services in Charleston to ensure your waxing experience is as smooth and painless as possible. Whether it’s about waxing eyebrows, upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini, back, or shoulder, we offer every service under a single roof.

Eyebrow Tint

Elevate and shape your eyebrows by adding an extra pop of color to darken them. Reduce your daily make-up time by enhancing natural beauty without breaking the bank.

Eyebrow Wax

Give your face a perfect look by getting perfectly shaped eyebrows. Let us remove the unwanted hair from your eyebrows with a thin layer of warm wax.


Alright! It’s showtime; get smooth and soft lips by gently removing excessive or even small amounts of hair lip. Go through your day with utmost confidence.


Let us remove dead skin cells along with the hair from your underarms with waxing. Just give your skin the next level of exfoliation required to brighten your underarms.

Full Face

It’s time to say goodbye to pesky little fuzz now. This is a quick and easy way to remove unwanted facial hair from the upper lip, chin, and middle brow.


Stop complaining about itchiness around your chest; it’s time to get chest wax done by Nail IT. We gently remove hair from the chest, ensuring minimal pain is caused to you.

Half Arms

Quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted and stubborn hair from your hands to the elbow, including your fingers. Enjoy smooth skin free of unwanted hair.

Full Arms

Warm wax is applied on your hands to leave smooth and hair-free skin. It includes your shoulder downward comprising hands and fingers too.

Half Legs

We offer half legs wax to remove hair from just above the knees till the toes if desired. Prepare your legs for shorts, co-ords, longer shorts, and sandal season.

Full Legs

Remove all your hair from the top of the thighs to the base of the ankles to prepare yourself for leg-baring summer attire and get a luxurious and smooth feeling of skin.


It’s time to get ready for sunbathing in summer. Exfoliate your body’s most sensitive and intimate area by removing dead and dry skin cells with bikini waxing.


A fast and easy process that ensures to provide you with lighter and thinner hair growth over time. Prepare your skin to always look good for the camera.


The easiest way to eliminate unwanted hair around your belly button. We ensure 100% removal of all hair from your stomach.


Preparing for the next party with your deep-neck top? Get your back waxed to make your skin feel smooth and even.


Let your chin be smooth, soft, and hair-free. Get coarse and fluffy hair removed from your chin to freshen up the look of your face.

What Happens During A Dip Powder Manicure?

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What Can You Expect During Pedicure?

Before starting a pedicure session, our pedicurist will ask you the type of pedicure you want – Classic or Deluxe. Once you are done choosing the suitable pedicure package for you, the pedicurist will start by scrubbing and exfoliating your feet. Post that, they will clip and file your toenails to remove dead skin while conditioning the cuticle. High-end pedicure service near Charleston involves moisturizing your feet with hot oil massage to relieve tension in the feet and, finally, polishing nails with your favorite color. Give your feet a soothing experience with our pedicure services; contact us to reserve your seat.

Get Hair-Free And Fabulously Soft & Smooth Skin With Nail IT

Looking to get rid of the unwanted lip, face, chest, stomach, shoulder, or back hair? Count on Nail IT today. We have gained a reputation as the favorite waxing salon in Charleston by offering impeccable service and personalized waxing solutions for your body. At Nail IT, we offer plenty of waxing services near Charleston using our exclusive 100% natural and gluten-free products. From eyebrow and facial waxing to Brazilian bikini and full body wax, our proprietary waxing solution has been developed with your comfort in mind. Our personalized service is designed to meet the individual needs of all hair and skin types as we prioritize wellness for everyone. We’re best known for:
Come visit our salon and feel the utmost luxurious waxing experience ever.

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