Best Ways To Get Strong, Beautiful Nails

Healthier and stronger nails are confidence boosters; they also offer an aesthetic look to your hands. Well-groomed nails can be achieved through the best aftercare and consistent maintenance to grow stronger, followed by the best go-to solutions to offer the best nail care. Our fingernails are composed of a laminated protein layer known as keratin, and daily chores like hand or dishwashing and frequent styling might affect the layer and make it more fragile and damaged. So, if you are seeking how to get pretty nails, from DIY hacks to scheduling manicure sessions at the best nail salon, here are effective hacks for getting pretty nails with the best nail care routine. 

How To Get Pretty Nails? Top Hacks To Follow!

Healthier, pretty nails are not an unachievable thing; here are a few of the most effective hacks to fix up your fragile nail beds and bring the healthy glory with regular maintenance:

#1 – Keep Your Nails Hydrated 

We focus on skin hydration but forget to maintain the same nail care routine. Hydrate your nails with regular oil like coconut or cuticle oil to achieve strong and pretty nails. Brittle or damaged nails require continuous moisturising; you can even use hand lotion with natural essence to soften cuticles and keep nails hydrated. 

#2 – Regular Nail Filing

People think that nail filing is merely a routine to get the perfect shape; that’s wrong! Apart from shaping, it removes dead nail parts and makes space for growing new, stronger nails. So, the next best tip on how to get pretty nails is to use regular nail filers with correct filing techniques that help to maintain your nail’s condition.

#3 – Protect Your Cuticles

Healthy cuticles are the best sign of your stronger and healthy grown nails. Never trim or remove cuticles entirely if you are not ready to spot weakened nails. Cuticles protect your pretty nails from fungus and bacterial formation by promoting their growth. You can consult a salon expert to clean the surface and remove dead cells; they use the best protective technique. 

#4 – Biotin-Rich Diet

Apart from routine care on how to get pretty nails, your diet matters a lot. Brittle and fragile nails can be a sign of biotin deficiency, so to avoid breakage and damage, it is essential to add vitamin B and a biotin-rich food to your diet. Some of the biotin-rich foods that you can add to your regular diet are almonds, avocados, milk, and more, which show significant results in healthier-grown nails.

#5- Apply Base Coat To Nails 

No matter how hard you try, nails are bound to get exposed and become involved in our daily lifestyle. To cover up the damage, you can apply a base coat to add protective layers to the nails. Apart from protecting your nails, these base coat layers maintain shine and luster for your pretty, cute nails. 

#6 – Go For Acrylic or Gel Treatments

In your search for how to get pretty nails, nail experts often suggest opting for an acrylic and gel manicure session at the best nail salon. This provides a long-lasting and aesthetic effect, transforming your pretty nails. Pick the right nail technicians who will provide the best results with the best treatments.

#7 – Minimize Water Exposure 

Soaking nails in water for a longer time might result in brittle nails and make them prone to breakage. Excessive water preservation can also lead to swelling and weakening of nail beds. To avoid this, you can use gloves and minimize water exposure to your nails to maintain the shine and texture of pretty nails.

#8 – Avoid Harsh Chemical Polish 

Your nail health depends on the product you use for nail care. High-chemical-based polish and removers can significantly reduce nails’ natural texture and weaken them with long-term use. To protect your cute nails, it is advisable to use acetone-free removers and natural products. 

#9 –  Apply Shorter Pretty Nail Art 

You can talk with nail experts to examine your nail’s potential for style. If it is too weak, opt for shorter, pretty nail art, and if it can bear longer nail art, follow it with expert guidance. Also, choose the best nail salon, where experts use premium brand products to help you grow your pretty nails and craft trending styles. 

#10 – Visit Nail Salon For Manicure & Pedicure 

For the best nail care, consult with a trusted nail salon to book manicures and pedicures to achieve strong and pretty nails. From cleaning and shaping to styling, nail experts will take care of everything with the best services. They will also suggest the best nail enhancement services and how to get pretty nails.

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