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Nail Enhancement

Let Your Nails Shine With Spark & Beauty

Hey, Beauties! Give your nails the attention they deserve with Nail Enhancement Service in Charleston, SC. Boost your self-confidence and look more beautiful, stylish, and professional with well-groomed and polished nails.

Nail Service Near Charleston

Beautify Your Nails With Nail Enhancement Service Near Charleston

Want to give your nails a new look?

At Nail IT, we offer comprehensive and the best nail enhancement services in Charleston, SC. We offer various colors and styles to enhance even lackluster nails with our wide range of acrylic nail enhancement. Our acrylic nail enhancement services are 100% safe and get you the perfect nail shape. The process starts by filing your nails before applying an acrylic set. After applying acrylic, the perfect shape is given to the nails, and they’re polished in an array of colors that suit your mood and personality.

Style Your Nails With An Array Of Our Nail Enhancement Services

Pick your favorite nail enhancement and let our Nail Techs bring your vision to life by stylizing your nails.



Reshape or add more length to your natural nails with Acrylic. Get beautiful nails with our nail enhancement services now.

Acrylic Overlay

A set of acrylic nails on your natural nail bed to create a durable and strong nail surface.

Acrylic Color Powder

Enhance the look of your nails with your favorite colors powder on your nails.

Acrylic Ombré Two Tones

Get beautiful color gradients on your nails with a light color on top of the Nail and darker color towards the tip.

Acrylic Form

It is the most popular form of the artificial nail due to its durability, comfort, and low maintenance. It is comfortable thanks to the fact that it is built off your own nail bed and no tips are needed.

Acrylic Pink & White

It consists of white tips on a pink nail base. This look can be achieved by Overlay (depending on the length of your nails) or adding a plastic tip to the nail covering in acrylic powder or gel.

Color Tip

Make your nails pretty and long-lasting with a white acrylic tip and a finishing transparent topcoat.



Change the shape of the nail or take the length down with Acrylic fill-ins applied with perfection and the right techniques.

Acrylic Pink & White

Acrylic Pink & White nail fill-ins, also called French Tips consist of white nail tips on a pink base, giving your nails an appealing look.

Acrylic Pink

At Nail IT, we have skilled and certified nail acrylic technicians committed to giving your nails a perfect pink coating with professional Acrylic Pink fill-ins.

What Happens During A Dip Powder Manicure?

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Why Trust Nail IT For Nail Enhancement Services?

As you walk into our salon, the first step our nail experts will follow is prepping your nails. This includes cleansing, cuticle care, shaping, and buffing nails, followed by dehydration. Experts believe the dipping powder process is dry as the powder best adheres to dehydrated nails. Once the nail experts are done pushing the cuticles back and cleaning the nail plate, a dehydration product such as 99% alcohol is used to wipe the nail clean, and then the nail is dipped into a clear powder. This powder serves as the base and is followed by color to create pigment. The third dip is into a sheer powder that protects the pigment. Between this, the excess powder is brushed away from the nails, and a coat of clear adhesive is applied.

Why Trust Nail IT For Nail Enhancement Services?

Nail IT is the most friendly, professional, and affordable nail salon in Charleston, SC. We are highly known for offering nail enhancement services near Charleston consisting of acrylic FULL-SET and FILL-IN. We always remain up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques used in the nail industry. Since our priority is customers’ needs, safety, and satisfaction, we ensure the use of the most trusted products in the cleanest environments. Therefore, our buffers and files are used only once and then discarded. Our team has experience in providing superior nail enhancements. From us, you get the following:

Don’t Wait! Come to our nail salon, take a seat in our comfortable armchair and let Nail IT experts rescue you from all your nail troubles.

Appointment Prefer! Walk-ins Welcome!

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