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Nourish Your Hands With A Lovely Manicures

Professionally done manicures that will satisfy your desires to beautify your nails

Manicure is a delightful spa package to give an extra touch of pampering to your hands and nails. Keep your nails and hands healthy, beautiful, soft, and shiny with our best manicure service in Charleston, SC.

manicures Services In Charleston

Get Rejuvenated Hands With Manicure Services In Charleston, SC

It’s time to relax and enjoy this perfect revitalizing luxury manicure that doesn’t harm your nails. At Nail IT, our premium manicure consists of an invigorating aromatherapy hand soak and hand & arm deep moisturizer treatment that leave your hand smooth and soft ultimately. Nail shaping, buffing, cuticle conditioning, and your choice of nail polish and design complete this ultimate hand experience. Dreaming of getting smooth, soft, and beautiful hands?

Our Manicure Package For Your Smooth And Soft Hands

Manicure service near Charleston is a notable aspect of the beauty industry. At Nail IT, our experts make your hands and nails look attractive and healthy with affordable manicures. Our comprehensive list of manicure services in Charleston, SC includes:

The Classic

We blend the beauty ritual of manicures with the traditional practice, which includes nail shaping, relaxing soaking, and cuticle conditioning. This encompasses stress-relieving hand massage and your preferred nail paint. A quick dry enamel is sprayed on after our services are done.

The Signature W/Gel

A fairly new to the nail salon world, Nail IT offers this service to all those who want to get a matte finish look on their nails. It does not require UV light and is a healthier alternative to shellac or gel manicures.

The Classic W/Gel Polish

The beauty and simplicity of the Classic W/Gel Polish for worry-free nails because once the polish is cured under the UV lamp we are set. No more waiting for 30-90 minutes for the regular polish to dry.

The Signature

Collagen Gloves has a vitamin-rich-cream massage, choice of polish, and paraffin; this treatment is performed to give your hands a new, smooth, and soft look.

What Happens During A Dip Powder Manicure?

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What Happens During A Dip Powder Manicure?

As you walk into our salon, the first step our nail experts will follow is prepping your nails. This includes cleansing, cuticle care, shaping, and buffing nails, followed by dehydration. Experts believe the dipping powder process is dry as the powder best adheres to dehydrated nails. Once the nail experts are done pushing the cuticles back and cleaning the nail plate, a dehydration product such as 99% alcohol is used to wipe the nail clean, and then the nail is dipped into a clear powder. This powder serves as the base and is followed by color to create pigment. The third dip is into a sheer powder that protects the pigment. Between this, the excess powder is brushed away from the nails, and a coat of clear adhesive is applied.

Why Count On Nail IT For Manicures?

Nail IT is a leading nail salon nestled in Charleston, SC. We offer premium manicure services near Charleston at affordable prices. Our nail salon takes pride in offering our valued clients high-quality manicure services with 100% satisfaction. To provide you with the best and most soothing experience at our salon, we use lovely scented essential oils, vitamin-rich cream, nail shaping tools, and other essential products. Under the care of our technicians, your hands will look more beautiful with healthy and lovely nails. We’re the best in this field because we:

Come visit us and experience a relaxing time and be gorgeous after enjoying high-end manicure services at one of the best nail salons in Charleston: Nail IT.

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