How To Use Builder Gel On Natural Nails?

If you occasionally go to a salon for a manicure, you must have heard about builder gel. It is a solution applied to nails for healthier growth and a natural look. Builder gel can show its effect within 2 to 3 weeks. It can be applied to natural nails and even to extensions. However, due to the thicker texture, it is essential to understand how to use builder gel; the application of builder gel requires special skills and experience.

Benefits of Applying Builder Gel For Nail Extensions

So, after going through the steps of how to use builder gel for nails, you must be wondering if it really helps in growth. The active use of builder gel on nails can provide you with beautiful natural nails with a smooth texture, better length, and strength. It offers a great advantage to work effectively on growth and adds a protection layer to avoid breakage and chipping off. It can bring versatility with customization, so nail experts often use gel to get a desirable length and shape. Other benefits are shape, nail repair, and protection barrier if you actively use nail art and extensions. If you want to know the process, here is the blog to guide you about how to apply builder gel on natural nails.

A Step By Step Guide On How to Use Builder Gel on Natural Nails

Applying builder gel on natural nails is a trickier concept requiring professional assistance. However, you can follow guidelines and steps to apply it conveniently on your own. Let’s start with the basic preparation before starting the guide on how to use builder gel on natural nails:
  • Firstly, you can start by chopping off any false nails to level up the shape.
  • Keep the item, such as cleanser, LED or UV lamp, and any base coat if you prefer to apply.
  • Keep the wet wipes or tissues ready to avoid mess.
Here is the step-by-step process to follow to understand how to use builder gel on natural nails:
    • Step 1

You should clean the nail surface & cuticles using acetone or cleanser.
    • Step 2

If you find the use of applying any base coat or primer, use it.  
    • Step 3

Now comes the part of using builder gel; so take the bottle of gel, extract a nominal amount from your nail brush, and gently spread it. Also, make sure you cover the entire free edge for better leveling.
    • Step 4

Now, put the coated nails in the light of an LED or UV lamp for a time specified on the bottle of your gel (generally, it is 60 seconds).  
    • Step 5

If you find that it didn’t spread evenly over the nails, apply another coat.
    • Step 6

After the gel has soaked up and dried, use wipes and isopropyl alcohol to clean.  
    • Step 7

Lastly, you can provide the final touch with nail filers and apply nail polish or any lotion on your hands.

Important Points for Long-Lasting Effects

You have to keep in mind a few points that increase the effect of builder gel,
  • The crucial aspect of how to apply builder gel starts with the right preparation; if you skip this part, the after result will not last for longer. Nail buffing and cleanliness will overpower the effect of applying builder gel and bring a more alleviated look.
  • Next, use only authentic and reliable brands for buying builder gel. You can take tips from your stylist to pick the suitable one based on your nail texture and shape.
  • Also, keep in mind that the duration of UV or LED lamps should not surpass the optimal timing; otherwise, it can disrupt the overall look of the nail. Take suggestions from experienced ones or see the label of the gel for correct timings.
  • Aftercare does help in creating long-lasting effects and a better look. If possible, avoid activities of washing and dishes; otherwise, take the help of gloves to avoid scratches and damage.
  • Watch video tutorials to get the reference on how to apply builder gel perfectly.

Steps for Removing Builder Gel

After understanding how to apply builder gel, next, in the blog, we will move towards successfully removing builder gel from nails. Here are the simple steps to follow for better results:
  • Use a filer to remove the top coat and any color traits left behind on the nails.
  • Next, you can use cotton balls dipped in acetone to rub off or soaking trays to submerge your nails after spilling acetone into them.
  • Now, the soaking time depends on how dense the layer of gel is on your nails; the duration might range from 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After this part, the gel layer would have been scraped off from your nails.
  • You can nourish your nails after successful removal of gel and even buff it if required
If you find it too technical, don’t hesitate to take the help of professional experts who will guide you more and even provide the services.

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