How To Keep Your Nails Strong? Follow 10 Effective Ways

Are your nails too fragile and constantly breaking? Is that a sign of nail weakness? In natural terms, our nail bed regularly raises new cell tissue to ease the growth; as a result, the length of the nail increases daily. Apart from how long your nails are, their strength is a crucial factor in ensuring your nails’ health.  On average, human fingernails can grow around 3.47 millimeters (mm) monthly. Healthy fingernails are smooth, without any pits, and have uniform colors. Nails reflect overall health, so you can’t ignore any indifferent signs. Any undesirable shape, color, or size is a sign of unhealthy and weak nails, and the reason might be a lack of nutrition or nail care. It’s important to consider certain factors for healthy nail growth to ensure they stay strong. In the blog, we will discuss 10 effective ways to keep your nails strong. Stride along till the end. 

Signs Of Unhealthy Nails 

Several factors, such as physical health and lifestyle problems, result in brittle nails or weak nails. Here are common signs that show that your nails are unhealthy and require more care:
  • Soft, dry, and thin nails
  • Nail Peeling caused by over-soaking your nails
  • Nail Pitting and Spoon shaped nails 
  • Vertical ridges emerge on the tip of nails
  • Discoloration of the nail surface
  • White or dark spots on nail beds
As the nail reveals much about your health, the above condition might be due to injury, disease, or infection. Though not all the aforementioned conditions are the same, it is advisable not to ignore them and to follow the correct measures for effective care. 

Best Tips To Keep Your Natural Nails Stronger

As we have already gone through the vital signs of unhealthy nails, let’s cover the effective tips to strengthen your nails:

1. Follow Regular Nail Clipping

One effective way to strengthen your nails is by clipping them. You can adjust your clipping frequency based on your nail growth and manage their length promptly, preventing breakage. 

2. Maintain Your Nail Length 

Too long nails can be a headache! They constantly get broken and get dents, striking with hard materials. So, keeping them short and in shape prevents frequent injuries. 

3. Clean Your Hands & Moisturize Daily 

Dirt and infection can damage your nail beds and their corner areas, so make sure you sanitize your hands and clean your nails. Also, to lock moisture content on your nails, you must hydrate them daily. 

4. Avoid Removing Cuticles 

Nail cuticles have a specific purpose of protection from damage and infections. So, never remove them while trimming your nails to ensure better nail growth.

5. Use A Base Coat For Nails 

Fingernails have a laminated protection layer of protein known as Keratin. You can apply a base coat over the surface to protect it from daily exposure and maintain its strength. 

6. Avoid Scrapping Off Nail Polish 

Scrapping off your nail polish is another bad practice that can damage your nail. It removes keratin, the protective layer of your nails. Instead, use gentle removers to get rid of nail polish. 

7. Wear Gloves To Prevent Breakage 

You can wear protective gloves while performing routine tasks, such as washing clothes, doing dishes, and gardening, to prevent any severe injury that might affect your nail growth.

8. Use Acetone-Free Products

Acetone directly affects your nails, making them drier and prone to brittleness. So, you should drop your acetone-infused nail product to stop damage and inflammation. 

9. Eat Nutritious Food & Stay Hydrated 

Lack of nutrients and dietary insufficiency can lead to weak nails. You can consult your nutritionist and plan a balanced diet rich in protein, calcium, and other nutrients.

10. Take Biotin Supplements

Apart from dietary improvements, you can add biotin or vitamin E supplements to speed up recovery effects on your nails.  You can follow these small steps to get rid of normal nail concerns. If you style your nails frequently with nail art or extensions, consult with beauticians to learn about care products that moisturize and strengthen your nails. 

Moisturize Your Brittle Nails

As skin loses its natural oil and flexibility due to lack of moisture and shows patches, our nails do lose their shine and thickness due to less moisture. One of the compact solutions to fight nail brittleness is to keep applying lotion and moisturizers to the hands. It locks the keratin on nail surfaces, adds more protection, and induces strength. Keep special care during seasonal changes like winters and summers to avoid the harsh temperature ruining your nail’s moisturization. Many dermatologists emphasize mositurizing your nails daily, and you can use different products of hand creams or lotions, vitamin E, or cuticle creams.  We advise you to consult your dermatologist or doctor in case of any severe symptoms, as they can be a sign of underlying diseases. So, ignoring any discomfort or signs like color discoloration on your growing nails is not appropriate; it would be viable to let it be checked once. 

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