Cuticle Care: How Do You Take Care Of Nail Cuticles?

The craze of trending nails and styles is gearing up in the market; we strive to take on new makeovers every week. However, in the race for style and makeovers, we miss out on a core aspect – cuticle care. The cuticles are a skin layer on the bottom edge of your finger or toe. It protects nails from bacterial formation when new nails are grown from the root. Cuticles are soft and too delicate in texture and easily dry and damaged. As we already know, cuticles are crucial to support your nail growth. How can you take care of nail cuticles? Let’s dive into the details of cuticle care and proven tips to ease your nail care journey.

Steps You Should Follow For Gentle Cuticle Care

Rough cuticles might lead to painful skin tearing, bleeding, infections and a rough texture to your nails. Regarding cuticle care, we suggest some important steps for you to follow for the best cuticle care to avoid breakage and nail infections.

#Step 1: Hydrate Your Cuticles

The foremost step for cuticle care should start with hydration; you can use a cotton swab to rub on the cuticle using oil or a cuticle remover. It will cleanse out all dirt and dead skin layers formed on cuticles, leaving a smoother texture.

#Step 2: Fingertips Soaking

Next, take a bowl of warm water and a towel beside you to exfoliate your cuticle layers. You can add essential oil for extra care; however, it’s optional. Soak it for 5-10 minutes, and dry your fingers completely.

#Step 3: Gently Push Your Cuticles

Using a soft cuticle pusher, you must push your cuticles in back-and-forth motions to eliminate dead layers. We advise using a wooden pusher instead of metal to maintain the soft texture.

#Step 4: Apply Oil

Lastly, for nail cuticle nourishment, use essential oil and finish off your cuticle care routine by rubbing natural oil and giving it the appropriate time to absorb all healing components. Altogether, these steps will ease your journey for cuticle care and promote healthy and grown cuticles. If you think the process is quite hectic and want quick care, approach any reliable nail salon for manicure and pedicure service and direct them that you require cuticle care as well.

Effective Tips To Keep Your Nail Cuticles Healthy

Our hands are constantly engaged with everyday chores like tapping on a phone or laptop, cooking and gardening. Hence, our nails are prone to getting damaged and breaking along with cuticles. Here are a few effective tips that you should follow for cuticle care:  

Use Cuticle Remover

Add the best cuticle remover to your routine; it effectively moisturises layers and makes space for removing dead skin while maintaining softness.

Avoid Rough Manicure

If you visit a nail salon, ensure your manicurist uses gentle ways to comfort your nail’s cuticles; a rough manicure can make it rougher and more prone to breakage and damage.

Apply Vitamin-Rich Oil

Applying cuticle oil with rich vitamin content promotes growth and nourishment, adding value to your routine care.  

Avoid Drying Agents

Frequent washing of dishes or clothes with hands can damage your cuticles due to the presence of harsh chemicals like drying agents. You should use gloves to keep cuticles protected from external damage.

Quit Nail Biting

Some people have the urge to bite nails & nibble cuticles; these habits will make your nails and cuticles prone to damage.

Maintain Nail Care Routine

Just like skincare, your nails and cuticles do require gentle care with regular nourishment. Developing the habit of sanitizing and cleaning your nails will improve their growth.

Invest in Professional Manicure Sessions

Investing in manicures is one of the safer and more effective ways for cuticle care. Approaching a trained nail technician will ease your routine and promote healthier cuticles. Following all these tips and regularly caring for your nails improves the health of cuticles and leads to less breakage and damage.

Should We Remove Our Cuticles?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advisory, you should avoid cutting your cuticles. It makes your nails prone to attract more dirt and infections in the surroundings. However, you can opt for trimming to maintain its softness and cleanse out any dirt layers. If you visit a nail salon regularly, you can ask your technicians for gentle cuticle trimmings. Otherwise, use a cuticle remover that gently removes dead tissue from nail beds without discomfort and softens the surface. These cuticle removers contain a low pH level that can dissolve dead skin and keep your nails neat and tidy.

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