All About The Jelly Pedicure: Alleviate Your Skin

Healing your skin with nourishment is a necessity more than a choice. Heading to the nearby salon for gentle spa treatment and pedicure is all you need to deal with irritation and dry skin layers. One such effective treatment is the jelly pedicure, which is widely popular for making your skin smoother and glowing with deep cleansing. Made with natural ingredients, it can provide immense comfort and exfoliate your skin to leave a soft texture. How is jelly pedicure different from other pedicure procedures, and how does it work exactly? Stay tuned to get extended ideas about the jelly pedicure. 

Rejuvenating Effects of Jelly Pedicure

Above all the salon treatments, pedicure gives you the most relaxing and comforting experience. A pedicurist knows the best ways to remove dead skin, and let you feel refreshed with a perfect massage. With an extension, a jelly pedicure has the same process of soaking your feet, grooming your skin, and massaging for stress relief; the only difference is instead of plain hot water, a jelly-like substance is poured on the tub.  In jelly pedicure, a mask made with natural ingredients essence and natural oil is used to soak your feet and exfoliate your skin. Some of the common jelly pedicures are green tea, pearl glow, lavender, rose gel, etc.  Here are the classic effects that you can expect after jelly pedicure treatments:

Detoxify Your Skin

A jelly mask has the best properties to ease detoxification by eliminating skin impurities and getting your deep cleansing. 

Skin Exfoliation

Our skin generates new cells, leaving room for shedding old dead cells. Jelly pedicure helps in skin exfoliation to scruff off all your dead skin cells. 

Instant Stress Relief

The whole process of jelly pedicure is too soothing and relaxed; it creates a calm sensation for the body to promote well-being by reducing stress.

Aromatherapy Experience

To alleviate your pedicure experiences, natural essences like rose water or lavender infused in jelly masks create soothing aromatherapy using these fragrances. 

Reduces Inflammations

A jelly pedicure can reduce your feet swelling and inflammation using a cooler effect. Soaking your foot in the jelly mask for a longer duration can significantly reduce skin inflammation.

Improved Blood Circulation

Massaging can improve overall blood circulation and develop relief sensations for the body. So, a jelly pedicure stimulates your foot’s blood flow for the best relaxation.

Suits All Skin-Type

Jelly pedicure is  suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Choosing the best nail salon near you that uses organic jelly for the treatment is advisable. 

How Does Jelly Pedicure Work?

Top salons’ pedicurists follow simple jelly pedicure procedures to give a calm and relaxed after-treatment effect. It starts with cuticle work and filing your feet’ nails, cleaning your skin with wipes, and other grooming steps to make your feet ready for the pedicure. Next, your pedicurist will prepare the tub by filling hot water and jelly crystals to soak your feet. As a basic nature, jelly can retain water heat four times longer than your feet, so it has better warmth and comfort for your skin. Your pedicurist will remove your soaked feet once the jelly absorbs on your skin, making it softer. Using a gentle brush or tile, they rub off all the dead skin that emerges on the feet. Then, the steps of massaging and skin moisturisation for hydration are followed to get you healing effects. After all these steps, your feet are ready with a better glow, smooth skin, and perfect moisturisation.  Skin exfoliation can create problems if you don’t follow safe procedures and use harsh products. Jelly pedicure makes your skin smoother and rejuvenates with therapeutic massage. Although you can prepare your jelly pedicure setup at home, heading to a reliable salon and getting it completed by trained professionals or a pedicurist will get you faster results. 

Why is a Jelly Pedicure Known As a Spa Treatment? 

One of the oldest beauty treatments is the pedicure, which is widely popular due to its healing properties. You will find several traditional methods of spa pedicure where mud masks are used for skin smoothness and better results. Coming to today’s era, a jelly pedicure is known to be a good spa treatment as the process isn’t restricted to making your skin clearer; rather, it follows multiple massages to ease blood flow for your feet. So, it is the reason why jelly pedicure is also known as a spa treatment where your skin loses all impurities and alleviates your skin pores through exfoliation and massaging. 

How Long Does Jelly Pedicure Can Last?

Any pedicure treatment can last for 1 or 2 weeks on average with regular maintenance and skincare. Jelly pedicures can last for more than 1-2 weeks, depending on your footwear, sun damage protection, hydration and regular maintenance. So, it is beneficial to follow a routine for care to enlarge the effect of your jelly pedicure 

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