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Lose your cares in the peaceful and luxurious environment at Nail IT salon. It’s time to leave the world behind you as you’re pampered with the best additional services in Charleston, SC. From basic manicures to hot stones, callus removal, nail repair, and french style, our additional services near Charleston are here to pamper you.
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Nourish & Rejuvenate With Our Additional Services In Charleston, SC

Maintaining hands and feet could be troublesome for women living in the fast-paced 21st century. Nail IT is constantly voted for being the best salon in Charleston, as we offer our clients the ultimate manicure and pedicure services at affordable prices. We have top nail experts who indulge you with the best manicure and pedicure services you deserve. Our therapist will make your day relaxing and soothing by offering the services you desire. We use all the advanced products and techniques for the best look and performance and longest-lasting beauty. Whether you want essential grooming, nail art, repair, callus removal dipping, or any other service, we cover everything in our additional services in Charleston, SC. It’s time to feel relaxed and pamper yourself.

Our Collection Of Ultra-Luxurious Additional Services

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Want to get perfectly polished nails? Shape your cuticles? Or want to keep your hands smooth & soft? No doubt, manicured nails always help you make a good impression. Our nail care experts will beautify your hands and feet with our additional services near charleston.

Shellac Color Change On Hand/ Toes

A blend of gel and nail polish that combines the best of both to give you the desired look of your nails. Get your nail color changed on your hands and feet from us.

Shellac Manicures

Get a patented form of polish along with creative nail designs with shellac manicures. Express yourself with beautifully designed nails.


Let us provide you relief and rejuvenate your hands with our additional services in Charleston, SC. Just improve the appearance of your nails and hands today.

Take off or Removal Dipping with Dipping service

Nails can easily be damaged or chip off, don’t let it happen. Let us gently remove dip nails, leaving your hands soft and smooth.

Shellac Color Change W/ French On Hands Toes

Get your nails color changed with shellac color and make them look more beautiful than regular polish. Strengthen your natural nails with everlasting colors.

Shellac Removal W/O Manicure

Our experts will gently remove the polish from your nails without causing damage to them. With proper care, the shellac color is removed from your nails.

Nail Repair

Say goodbye to cracked, chipped-off, and lackluster nails with us. Our nail experts help you restore damaged nails partially or completely.

Nail Art

It’s time to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish your nails with our nail art services. Let us improve the look of your nails with the design of your choice.

Cut And File On Hands/Toes

Get your cuticles removed and see perfectly shaped hands and feet nails by cutting and filing them. Get your nails glammed up and look gorgeous.

Dipping With Removal

Our nail experts will dip your nails one by one into a special type of colored acrylic powder. It’s a safe and painless method for removing dip powder nails.

French Style

Featuring a natural-colored nail with a white tip which is done with regular nail polish, gel nail polish, or acrylic. Let your nails look clean and classy.

Color Change on Hands/Toes

Get a mini manicure and pedicure at our salon by getting your hands and toes nails’ colors changed. Experience joy and bliss here.

Acrylic Removal

Our professionals ensure that your acrylic nails are properly taken care of and remove acrylics with proper polish to help your nails stay healthy.

Paraffin on Hands/Toes

Moisturize, soften, and smoothen the skin of your hands and feet with a paraffin manicure and pedicure. Keep your hands hydrated in colder and retain moisturizer during the summer months.

Hot Stone

Combination of hot stones, nourishing oils, exfoliation, and therapeutic massage plus applying of nail polish to give you the ultimate relaxation.

Callus Treatment

Our nail experts use a foot file to lessen the thickness of the callus and gently smooth out the newly exposed skin surface to rejuvenate your feet.

Add-On Services

What Happens During A Dip Powder Manicure?

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What Can You Expect During Pedicure?

Before starting a pedicure session, our pedicurist will ask you the type of pedicure you want – Classic or Deluxe. Once you are done choosing the suitable pedicure package for you, the pedicurist will start by scrubbing and exfoliating your feet. Post that, they will clip and file your toenails to remove dead skin while conditioning the cuticle. High-end pedicure service near Charleston involves moisturizing your feet with hot oil massage to relieve tension in the feet and, finally, polishing nails with your favorite color. Give your feet a soothing experience with our pedicure services; contact us to reserve your seat.

Get Heaven-Like Feel With Nail IT Salon

Nestled in Charleston, SC, Nail IT has the goodwill of being the most trusted nail salon. Our team of nail experts is here to help you look your best whenever or wherever. Whether you want to avail of additional services near Charleston for yourself or your loved ones, we ensure to provide our clients with healthy nails, hands, and feet to add extra glamor and charm to their personalities. As always, we prioritize our customers and offer pocket-friendly services to help them get a relaxing experience at our salon. Nail IT is a prominent place where comfort, knowledge, wellness, and premium & luxurious services create a completely rejuvenating experience. Further, you can count on us for the following reasons
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